Caritas Radiantes

Quesia in Nicaragua is one of our Spanish Ministers based in Central America whose mission is to reach the children in need and share the Lord's love.

RMI Mission: Caritas Radiantes

In January our RMI tithe was also able to help:

Laguna de Apoyo

The children in Granada Nicaragua with clothing. In the area called, "Laguna de Apoyo" is some of the worst poverty.

"Laguna de Apoyo" (Blog updated Easter Sunday)

RMI Mission: Caritas Radiantes

In December our RMI tithe was able to help:

El Lago

Give clothing to children in Granada Nicaragua who are living in tin huts. Each child will be given a bag with their own outfit and one small toy.

"El Lago"

RMI Mission: Caritas Radiantes

For November our RMI tithe was able to help:

Caritas Felices

which translates "Happy Faces" by bringing Christmas gifts and His love.